Boy Girl Dichotomy Minimalist


about this project

There is a story that has been percolating in my head for nearly two years now. I keep coming back to it, writing short snippets here and there, but never anything longer than a few thousand words. I have an outline, a full plot, but not all the intervening details. Three nights ago as I was laying down to sleep the basic image of this drawing popped into my head. I drew a stupidly crude version in my notebook before crashing asleep. The next day I drew the girl and today I drew the boy.
The story centers around a less than competent boy with strange powers in a post-apocalyptic world. He does not know how to survive and only does so through his unexplainable powers. The girl on the other hand is a survivor who relishes in getting her hands dirty. Through the story the boy's inner lightness is consumed by the darkness around him, forcing him to act in ways that require using his power for unpleasant things that he wishes to avoid. The girl on the other hand eventually actualizes her own hidden power for good despite the darkness of her nature: the power of healing in the hands of a unflinching survivor.